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Cleveland Winter League is held each year from December - March (dates/times vary). There are two leagues during the winter months: Competitive & Recreational. Recreational plays on week nights and Competitive plays on Saturday nights.

Each league has a night in late November, early December where players are drafted onto teams by captains. For the Competitive league, players must be drafted onto a team in order to play. If they are not drafted, they are automatically given the opportunity to be on a Recreational team.

Competitive Winter League is the most competitive league in Cleveland ultimate.


Cleveland Spring League is held on Thursdays, May 3 - 31, 2018 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. This league is for all levels, but we are specifically trying to build skills for beginners, youth and college players. Each week, there will be a skills clinic session before playing. Players will be split into 4 teams to play for 4 weeks with a championship tournament on the last week.

This is a female-only league. There is also a competitive male spring league hosted by Cleveland Smokestack players.


Summer League is our largest league held June - August on the East and West sides of Cleveland. This league is for all levels and playing abilities. Players will be drafted onto teams for the season. The ratio is 4:3.

The Summer League tournament will be hosted at the end of Summer League


Cleveland Fall League is a fun, relaxed yet competitive league. This league is held September - October 26 (Dates coming soon!). Players will be drafted onto teams. 

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